The Products, Prices, Shipping Terms are those listed in your Order Confirmation. The payment is made before or on delivery of the product and can be done in one of the following ways.

What are the payment methods? 

1. Payment and product purchase from our shop 

2. By paying the price of your order on arrival of the order's products to the area and place you selected. 

3. Via the use of Credit or Debit card (VISA MASTERCARD or EUROLINE) that has been legally issued by any valid Bank. In this case and for your own safety your presence is mandatory to the purchasing of the ordered products as also you have to carry and show you ID to the delivery service representative. 

4. Via deposit to one of our Bank Accounts. In that case your order is shipped after you send via the use of e-mail or fax

on 210 9912472 into account of our e-shops name www.alltherapy.gr the named receipt of the transaction in which it is mandatory that the order number is stated (delivery date depends on the date that we received the receipt). 

In which Banks may i proceed with my payment? 

Our company's Bank Accounts are as following:

• National Bank of Greece: (IBAN) GR2701100890000008938841122

• Piraeus Bank: (IBAN) GR1701720750005075025155333

• Piraeus Bank: (IBAN) GR4801720750005075059383068

Do i receive a statement - receipt?

There are two options you may choose from.

► 1. Simple Receipt (Proof of Retail Sale)

► 2. Invoice. Invoices are issued for Companies and Bussinesses. To be able to purchase the products and have an invoice issued, you have to complete all the necessary fields during checkout of your order. Company Title, Tax Number, Financial Services Office that the Company belongs to, Address and Type of the Company's (Business) Activity.

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