Do you ship products? 

As part of the smooth process of our transactions, we undertake the delivery of your order your desired area, without limitation in the volume and weight of the order.

What are the ways of receiving the goods i ordered? 

You can get your products from our stores, or either from a desired post office of your area. We ship the products to your place, by the use of courier services bussiness partners

What are the delivery days and times? 

Days and hours of purchasing the products from our store are from Monday to Friday from 9am until 8 pm. In the case of goods sent by courier services, you will be notified by the courier company for the exact date and time of the arrival. 

Do i have to confirm my transaction? 

Take all the necessary steps to complete your order in our e-shop alltherapy.gr and on the next (working) day of your payment -or in case of payment directly to our bank accounts you have to sent the receipt via e-mail to us- and if the products are immediately accessible, the order is executed on the same day. Depending on the delivery area, the arrival date and time might change.

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